Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday: The Three Most Elegant Couples

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday in the residence of the ambassador of Great Britain – a large number of public figures appeared. According to the estimates of the editorial board of nadlanu.com – these were the three most elegant couples.

Natalie and Axel Dittmann: The German ambassador and his wife appear together almost at all events. It is a very elegant and harmonious couple.

Rebecca and Sam Fabrizi: The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia succeeded Michael Davenport, who spent nearly seven years in Serbia, first as Ambassador of Great Britain, and then as head of the EU Delegation, before his country started leaving that organization. Fabrizi and his wife, similar to the German ambassador and his wife, appear together almost at all of the capital events, and they dress in the style of Italian elegance.

Marina and Tahir Hasanovi
ć: The first man of the Trilateral Commission in Serbia and his wife have been an integral part of all important Belgrade events for decades. Always dressed elegantly, and very often, as this time – they manage to harmonize colours with each other.

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