Queen´s  Birthday Reception

 On Wednesday, June 13th, at the residence of the British Ambassador in Vienna, a reception was held on the occasion of the celebration of the 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo and text: Svetlana Nenadović Glušac

The rain broke down plans to hold the celebration in the embassy’s garden, and shortly before the beginning it was transferred to the interior of the residence. The sounds of the bagpipes could be heard through the street leading to the residence, and the two traditionally dressed bagpipe players in Scottish costumes welcomed the officials at the entrance. The interior of the residence was decorated with the UK flag(s), as well as the celebratory cake made by the confectioner of the famous hotel “Sacher” for this occasion. Robert Leigh Turner, the UK Ambassador in Austria, made many well-known officials laugh when he joked at the beginning of the speech and thanked the guests for coming to the “Garden Party”. After the toast dedicated to Queen Elizabeth and the anthem “God, Save the Queen”, all the attendants raised their glasses and a toast to her honour. The reception was attended by a large number of representatives of the diplomatic establishment in Vienna, and from the Austrian officials a celebration of the Queen’s birthday was attended by Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Parliament of the Republic of Austria. The extension of now international coverage of “Diplomacy&Commerce” magazine, DC Austria, was announced for the November this year, after a successful launch in Croatia and more than two years in Serbia.

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