Quickly and Easily: Complete the insurance policy of auto liability in AMS Insurance

Registration on your vehicle is expiring?! Do not forget to first come to AMS Insurance and, very quickly, simply complete the insurance policy of auto liability!

In order for your vehicle to be a participant in traffic, it is necessary to conclude a car insurance policy, because it is precisely the condition for vehicle registration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

If you cause damage to a third person during driving, costly costs arise due to a number of risks that result in death, bodily injury, health damage, destruction or damage to things of a third party, in accordance with the conditions of insurance, by the insurance company where you have mandatory vehicle insurance.

Choose AMS Insurance, because thanks to our wide sales network, our professional staff is waiting for you every step! Save time and use the benefits of the AMSS! Come to Ruzveltova 19 in Belgrade and finish everything in one place, without changing the location – mandatory vehicle insurance, technical inspection, registration, international documents, AMSS membership and other necessary for safe and safe driving.

And if you want to protect yourself and the costs of damaging material damage on your car, we suggest the safest way to protect your vehicles. At the same place, complete the policy of voluntary Casco insurance and protect yourself from numerous risks such as traffic accidents, floods, fires, falling trees or facades to your car or theft if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance. We think of you and that’s why we have enabled you to pay premiums in 12 months of war, and with each completed Casco osiguranje policy with you, you receive an AMSS membership, which provides free services and savings on the roads of Serbia and Europe in a year.

The reason is so much to choose exactly AMS Insurance! We are waiting for you in more than 250 locations throughout Serbia. For more information, visit www.ams.co.rs or call 0800-09-009.


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