Raiffeisen Leasing and European Investment Bank signed a loan agreement

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Raiffeisen Leasing doo signed in Belgrade an agreement on a loan worth 20 million euros. Raiffeisen Leasing will approve the financial leasing from this credit line, which is primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as projects promoted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, followed by investments in the knowledge economy, energy, environmental protection, health, education, industry, tourism and other service sectors.

Financial leasing is granted with a maturity longer than two years, at favourable interest rates. Raiffeisen Leasing, in cooperation with the EIB, wants this loan to the domestic economy to provide access to capital, which is much needed for operating in a challenging economic environment, but also to encourage the economic development of the country as a whole. Otherwise, this is the fourth cooperation of Raiffeisen Leasing and EIB project financing of small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia.

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