RATEL confirmed: Vip mobile has the fastest network in Serbia

The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) announced the results of independent testing in cooperation with the world-renowned Systemics PUB, which show that Vip mobile has the fastest network in Serbia.

Source: http://benchmark.ratel.rs/podaci-rezultati-cyr

Namely, comparative reviews of the achieved average data transfer rates of large amounts of data show that Vip mobile has the best results in both villages, towns and major cities, as well as on roads. “Users require a reliable and fast network, and we have enabled them to use the fastest one. These results stem from our continuous investment in network, licenses and technology. In the past three years, Vip mobile has invested over 100 million Euros in this field. In 2018, we are definitely going in with great plans when it comes to further development of our network” says Dejan Turk, general manager of Vip mobile.

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