Re-Opening Of Renewed Goethe-Institut In Belgrade

After months of renovations, the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade was reopened to the public. Minister of Culture and Information, Mr. Ivan Tasovac, German Ambassador to Serbia, Mr Axel Dietmann, Dr. Bruno Gross, a member of the Board of Directors of the Goethe Institute and Mr. Dr. Matthias Müller-Wieferig jointly cut the ribbon, which was the sign that this cultural institution is reopened in an entirely new light. The opening ceremony was attended by a series of significant and distinguished guests, among others, regional director network of Goethe-Institut in South East Europe Dr. Mathias Makowski, Secretary for Culture of the City of Belgrade, Mr. Vladan Vukosavljević, directors of cultural centers of the EU countries (EUNIC). The ceremony began “Ode to Joy” – the anthem of the European Union, performed by accordionists Peter Marić, a multiple winner of the World Cup in harmonics, participants in a series of international competitions, including the World competition for accordionists in the Klingenthal in Germany.

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