Record investments of Imlek

In the last year Imlek invested over 30 million euros in various projects which relate primarily to the improvement of production processes, purchasing machinery to farmers and developing new products.

Imlek Konferencija za novinare

A large amount was invested in product innovation, and it helped consumers receive some new dairy products such Moja Kravica thick yogurt, Balance + Protein, Grekos Greek type yogurt, Moja Kravica sour cream with the different tastes and many others. At the press conference Imlek’s business was discussed. “I am particularly proud that during the unprecedented crisis on the European market when raw milk got he record low price, we were able to help our most important partners, our farmers” said Ilija Šetka, General Manager of Imlek. “We will soon put into operation a reference laboratory for testing the quality of milk. It will not only give us a very precise and objective evaluation of the quality of our milk producers, but will also allow us to comply with the quality and obtain adequate incentives, “said Nedimović.



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