Record support of citizens to combat grey economy

Support of citizens for combating the grey economy is the largest in the last three years and reached a record 94% while 60% believe that the country is determined to deal with this problem, according to a new NALED’s research of attitudes towards the informal economy, conducted by Ipsos strategic marketing.


The problem is the lack of confidence in the system of detection and sanctioning of past labour regulations. Two-thirds of the population believes that the state does not adequately punish “grey business”. – Law on Inspection Control recorded excellent results, since we jumped for some 15% of newly registered companies, as well as we have reduced the number of companies that have been checked out and moved into underground streams by 9% – said at the presentation of the research Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Ana Brnabić. In the contest “Take account and win” 66 million fiscal receipts and slips have been sent so far with a minimum value of 5.2 billion RSD. According to estimates of the organizers, who have in mind the different tax rates, the share of slips and deals based on the amount in the accounts of 100 RSD, so far on behalf of VAT poured at least 7.1 million RSD in the State Budget.

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