Repurposing spaces: design your own outdoor office in the balcony

Spending more time at home can make you rediscover the joy of spending more time with the family or new creative ways of rethinking each space to make it more functional, creative and practical. IKEA experts provided some tips on how to organise an office on your balcony or add some changes to transform it into the perfect space in which to relax.

Most people lucky enough to have a balcony in their apartment see it as the perfect solution for storage. Others choose to transform it into a small garden and dedicate the entire space to their plants. That seems fair enough, but now, more than ever, extra space is vital, especially when living in a tight place, like an apartment or a studio. That’s why transformative rooms play such an important part when it comes to home decoration.

Considering the times we’re all going through, days on end spent inside and working from home, we’ve thought of a few useful tips and tricks for the ones willing to turn their balconies into an outdoor office. Think of all the perks such a space can provide for you: fresh air, natural sunlight and a great view – all together for your inspiration.

Get ready for work

If the space allows, you can arrange a complete working station on your balcony; just make sure you choose the right products. A nice desk, some organizers and a few suitable décor items should favor the office vibe and get you in the mood for work. A steady chair shouldn’t be missing either, one that allows you to lean back while it keeps its balance and provides you with a good back support.

Office ergonomics

When working in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day or even more, a proper sitting posture matters a lot. Make sure you sit comfortably and check for good back support when spending time at your desk. Adjust your chair, if possible, to your correct height and body shape and keep your feet firmly on the floor when sitting. For an extra token of coziness, you can use a cushion or a chair pad. Try not to sit in the same place or on the same chair for too long during the day and take regular breaks to stretch your body whenever you need to.

Adjust the lighting

Sunlight can sometimes be a little bit too bright and can often distract us from focusing on important tasks. Make sure you adjust the lighting in your balcony according to your own preferences; you can choose from lots of options that include curtains, drapes and even shutters.

If you plan to spend your evenings on the balcony as well, fairy lights could help create a cozy atmosphere. The solar lamps and LED lights come in different colours, shapes and sizes, suitable for any decoration style you will choose.

You can reposition all these textiles and accessories very easily until you discover the placement that works best for your needs.

Don’t forget about your hobbies

A balcony can even be used for practicing several hobbies in your spare time. Your working station could easily become a craftsman’s area, where you can paint, knit, make origami figures out of colorful paper, design a few cards or work on your cross-stitching project.

If you have kids, you can definitely engage them into your activities and spend some quality time together, as a crafty family. For their hobbies, the MAMMUT products offer multiple advantages: colourful, cartoons-inspired design, light but very safe and solid, which makes them very easy to be moved even by children, but also durable for outdoor use.

Enjoy regular breaks

Besides the actual working corner, your balcony should definitely include a rest area, for those moments when you feel like getting off your computer for some time and stretching out a bit. You can even create your own sofa by using wooden pallets and lots of cushions. On the more busy days, you can also work from the sofa by using a simple laptop holder, like BRADA. And if you want to bring the nature closer to you, create a beautiful surrounding with some FEJKA plants without having to worry about watering them.

Have some coffee during FIKA break, lay down for a few moments, give your eyes a rest and enjoy the comfort.

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