Restaurant Đorđe: All is fair in love

A fusion of elegance, history, traditional and contemporary is what the Đorđe restaurant exudes. Here, you will have unforgettable and unique experiences, coupled with the top notch service.

Đorđe is a famous, old Belgrade restaurant that has been a hedonistic meeting place of business people, diplomats, writers and artists for 37 years now. At first, Đorđe was a national cuisine restaurant, but, since then, has transcended into something that we can all call the perfect compound of impossibles.

Apart from a fusion of flawless dishes that make its menu, Đorđe is also known for its ambiance. Located in one of the stunning pre-war villas, it has the perfect layout comprised of four separate areas with each area different to others.

What our guests have in common is their lifestyle which entails regular enjoyment in various flavours, and the fusion of unusual notes that come together in harmony of taste. This is all a result of our love for what the nature has to offer on its ‘menu’, hence our motto – Amor regge, senza legge (All is fair in love).

Because our chefs have the unique approach towards food, as do our staff to our guests, we can offer you a magical experience that will having you coming back for more.

The famous Italian chef Andrea Canton will be a special guest at the restaurant on 9th June. With the experience of the renowned Nouvelle Cuisine of yore, chef Cantona began running the kitchen at the La Primula restaurant at a very young age. Under his guidance, the restaurant soon received a Michelin Star, a coveted award that it holds to this day. The “mission” of his cooking is clarity – flavours, colours and forms must be distinguishable as much as possible to make you feel the essence of ingredients used.
Deeply territorial and appreciative of his origins, chef Canton has developed a style where the dishes reflect the traditional roots, but they are also reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

We are absolutely confident that our guests will relish in chef Canton’s magical touch.

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