‘Road to Recovery: The Future of the Global Supply Chain’ Conference

The conference “Road to recovery: The future of the global supply chain” was organized by the Italian Confindustria Serbia, the Slovenian Business Club and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia with the aim of improving economic relations between the three countries and raising the transport, industrial and logistics sectors to a higher level.

Photo: Slovenian Business Club Belgrade

Through participation in a large logistics conference, within 4 panels, experts and renowned international experts from various fields had the opportunity to exchange opinions through an open conversation on the topic of the overall impact of the pandemic and current geopolitical events on world logistics, as well as the possibility of further economic development, focusing to questions concerning new rules in business, infrastructure, the current approach in human resource management, new technologies and specific situations for the industry.

The conference was opened by senior officials of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Confindustria of Serbia, the Slovenian Business Club, the ambassadors of Italy and Slovenia and the director of the Corridor of Serbia.

The participants concluded that supply chains are one of the key topics of business and the merger of manufacturers, transporters and retail chains and end customers and agreed that the cooperation and coordination of all actors in the process is extremely important: the Customs Administration, ministries, carriers and companies in the field of logistics and supplies.

Sponsors of the event were Dragon Maritime Group, Mediteransko ship company – MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, NLB Komercijalna Banka, Nelt Group, Transfera, Slovenske železnice, Sava osiguranje.

Photo: Slovenian Business Club Belgrade

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