SAFC to launch the first Serbian-American Academy for Leaders: Dačić and Godfrey to talk about Serbian-American relations

The Serbian-American Friendship Congress (SAFC) will launch on Wednesday, April 15, the first Serbian-American Academy for Leaders aimed at providing practical and theoretical knowledge of the most important issues concerning the United States, with the Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić and the US Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Anthony Godfrey giving the first lectures. Adapted to the new circumstances, and in line with the global digital transformation, the courses will take place on an online platform, while distinguished experts from Serbia and the USA, representatives of state institutions and members of the diplomatic corps will be the lecturers.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and the founder of the SAFC, Vladimir Marinković, and the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government and a member of the SAFC Advisory Board, Branko Ružić will welcome the first students. Serbian Foreign Minister and Co-Chair of the SAFC Advisory Board, Ivica Dačić will officially mark the first day of the Academy. The Minister will speak on the topic of the Serbian- US relations – in the past, present and future, and all students will have the opportunity to hear more about the topic from the US Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Anthony Godfrey.

The Academy’s unique six-week program will include courses in politics, economics, history, religion, education and culture of the United States, as well as an analysis of the current American politics, both interior and foreign. At the same time, the lecturers will analyze all current events and processes by discussing them with the students, with a special emphasis on the bilateral relations between Serbia and the USA.

The Academy is intended for all interested undergraduate students, as well as Master’s degree students, entrepreneurs, employees of multinational companies, state institutions, non-governmental organizations and civil sector, as well as all individuals who wish to acquire knowledge in the mentioned fields. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will better understand and analyze current issues, phenomena and processes that are happening not only in America but globally too.

Online lectures will be held every Wednesday and Thursday, via the Cisco Webex Platform, starting on April 15, and will run until May 21.

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