Safe dreams of Olympic Games

Zorana Arunović, Strahinja Stefanović and Dušan Bulut, Serbian athletes and candidates for the Olympics, with the support of DDOR osiguranje, have shared their stories about preparing for new victories. Three documentary stories are available at the YouTube channel of DDOR osiguranje with the idea of inspiring, motivating and encouraging athletes and everyone else. Through stories of their fears, hopes and wishes, they tell us about how the new circumstances showed how important it is to think ahead, think of one’s personal security and insuring your career, and how to find a way to give your best even in unpredictable situations.

It is time for new victories – unanimously say the Serbian athletes who used the additional year, due to the Olympics being postponed, to perfect their skills, improve their condition and prepare for the biggest sports event.

We have brought cameras to peek into the private world of our Olympic champions and record their feelings, fears and hopes in this Olympic year after the difficult period caused by the Olympics cancellation.

How do they find strength in front of empty stands, which aspects of the new reality give them the strength to achieve their sports dreams, and what has changed in their plans – you can find this out in this movie trilogy titled “To all new victories”.

Zorana Arunović

In a fallout shelter in Novi Beograd, in the company of her sister, a top-level coach, Zorana is tirelessly training and finding a reason to believe in the life philosophy that bad moments are not constant and that they always pass. Always focused on her goal of confirming her champion status in Tokyo, she does not hide that crises happen to her as well, but that she manages to overcome them through force of will and faith in dedicated work. With her every gesture in this short movie clip, this great champion leaves an impression of an athlete who will be ready to do everything for our Olympic team to become champions.

Dušan Bulut

The world’s best ranked player in 3×3 basketball is used to the spotlight. Multiple winner at the biggest tournaments and the shiniest medals in this new Olympic discipline has been through everything in his career, from street courts to world championship triumph to competing in front of empty stands. Where does Dušan charge his batteries, what went through his head when he realized the Games were cancelled, how hard is it to find new inspiration and how does he hope with great expectations – we will learn about all of this as he drives us on his boat on the Danube.

Strahinja Stefanović

One of the youngest members of the Olympic team of Serbia is born for great things. You can see this in every moment of his interview, during which he simply beams with optimism as he assures the viewers that cancellation of the Games was good for him and that he looked forward to the extra year, which he dedicated to training even harder. What happens in Strahinja’s champion dreams and how is he planning to make them come true – you will find out as you rest your eyes in the beautiful Danube environment near Bačka Palanka.

Like very few things in history, the corona has brought the world to a halt and sent a clear message on the priorities of every man and the society as a whole. The new concept of social distancing and communicating through screens have caused passions to remain trapped behind the mask, and the daily occurrence in which we loudly sing as we cheer for our sports heroes seemed far away until recently. The security for athletes that their dreams and our wishes are achievable is more important now than ever. DDOR osiguranje is a proud partner of the Olympic team of Serbia, which follows brave athletes on the path – To all new victories.

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