Safe on holiday with AMS Insurance

If you have planned a trip abroad, do not forget to knock on the door to AMS Insurance before departure. Complete the Travel Health Insurance policy with us and for only 840 dinars, which is the cost the premium for an individual policy for 7 days’ stay in the territory of Europe, you will be covered by the expensive cost of treatment, which often exceed your budget.

Whether you require emergency medical intervention, medicine and medical supplies, as well as many other health services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance, AMS Insurance will protect you against unwanted financial losses.
Do not forget that at very affordable prices you can secure your home from a number of risks while on the go. Choose to provide things in your apartment or home and get the right to an additional 10 percent discount on the entire insurance premium.
We are at your disposal at Ruzveltova 16 in Belgrade or at some of the more than 250 retail outlets throughout Serbia. For more information, visit
AMS Insurance wants you a happy trip!

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