Safe on your skiing vacation with AMS Osiguranje

Are you counting down the days to your winter holiday abroad, where you will at least briefly forget about all your problems while enjoying yourself on the ski slope? Regardless of how good of a skier you are, the risk of injury while skiing is great hence it would be good to think about insuring yourself on time. Purchase a good travel health insurance policy, protect yourself from unwanted financial loss and enjoy a carefree holiday.

AMS Osiguranje is the right choice for you because you can now safely and easily buy our travel health insurance policy with additional COVID-19 coverage on our website quickly, at a 30 percent lower price. Thus, the insurance premium for an individual policy, with the COVID-19 coverage, for a seven-day skiing trip in Europe, will cost you only 2,757 dinars. The savings are great, especially if you go on a family trip because, in that case, the premium is only 6,064 dinars for the same period.

To be able to fully indulge in your ski vacation, don’t worry about something happening to your home while you are away. AMS Osiguranje also offers a household insurance policy which you can buy online, on By purchasing this policy, you will insure your apartment or house against numerous risks such as fire, water spills, robbery, bad weather or burglary, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. If you insure things in your home, in addition to your home, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the entire insurance premium.

Go on your holiday stress-free and with the help of numerous AMS Osiguranje’s services, enjoy skiing and forget about your problems at least for a short while. For more information, please call 0800-009-009 or come to our office at 16, Ruzveltova Street in Belgrade or to any of our 250 offices throughout Serbia and let our professional team help you. You can also visit our website .

AMS Osiguranje wishes you a bon voyage!



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