Association “Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers (SAMKB)” gave the award to Jadranko Petkovic, corporate security director of MPC Holding, as the best corporate security manager in 2018, which gave the company a certificate for its expertise and work in the field of corporate security and security management risks.

The issue of corporate security for our system is a strategic issue and is part of the culture of our business. If this segment is not covered and ensured quality, every other, and even the business success of the company, is called into question. For years we have been responsible, organized and systematically investing in standards, procedures and people in order to raise this segment of business to the highest level and have been an example to other companies and institutions on the market. An effective corporate security system not only provides protection but also provides a platform for making important decisions regarding further development and expansion. MPC Holding unites MPC Properties, the largest investor in the region of Southeast Europe, owned by UŠĆE Shopping Center, Mercator Center Belgrade, Usce Tower I and II Business Centers, Navigator Business Center and many other retail and office projects, and Mercat, the leading distributor consumer goods in the territory of Serbia covering a network of 18,000 objects. In order to achieve this volume of business, our system is daily planned and focused on eliminating all security risks, while on the other hand, through planned operations, we effectively manage the financial resources, which contributes to the performance of our projects on the market, and this award is only a confirmation the quality of our work, said Jadranko Petkovic, Director of Corporate Security of MPC Holding and winner of the SAMKB Prize for 2018.

SAMKB was founded on October 17, 2011 in Belgrade as an independent, non-profitable, professional and non-partisan organization that brings together experts from all areas of corporate security in order to promote, develop and popularize the profession as well as strengthen professional and corporate standards in the market.

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