Sana Garić, musician: Cool head, strong spirit and optimism!

Sana Garić is one of the most significant musicians on the electronic and underground music scene in Belgrade and Serbia. After having a breakthrough with her band Xanax, Sana began performing under her own name. She has made several notable albums and has performed at the most famous festivals, especially those in the region. We have talked to Sana about the pandemic, self-isolation and her activities once the state of emergency is cancelled.

1. How did you organize your business activities?

The future is uncertain for artists, especially for musicians. The previously difficult position of artists and generally people in culture is now reduced to bare survival. A large number of people have been left without a source of income, and I hope that this situation will pass quickly and that adequate measures will be implemented to help people who are unable to earn money during the state of emergency. Being cool-headed and having a strong spirit and optimism is essential.

2. How do you spend your private time during the pandemic?

I use this period to play keyboards, make new music, write songs for the new album “Glasses for the Heart”, and, of course, clean my home and watch good series and movies.

3. What will you do first after the state of emergency is lifted?

I hope I will perform in a really good concert.

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