SAVA ZDRAVO package from Sava Insurance

Sava Insurance has created and launched improved packages of voluntary health insurance, SAVA ZDRAVO, which would meet the numerous requirements and satisfy various needs of insured persons when it comes to healthcare services.

The insurance policy includes basic coverage types pertaining to outpatient treatment encompassing the following: examinations and diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests, tests and analysis necessary for reproductive system check-up, outpatient interventions, medical transport, ordered therapy in outpatient conditions, home treatment in emergency situations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in outpatient treatment conditions, examinations and diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests (in relation to health problems occurring after the confirmed Covid-19 infection over the period of not longer than six months after the diagnosis), mental health, urgent dentistry, medical and technical aids.

According to the clients’ needs, it is also possible to contract other insurance coverage types. These include: hospital treatment, health protection for pregnant women and new-born babies, physical check-up, ophthalmology services, dental services, prescription drugs and orders, physical and speech therapy, complementary medicine services, tumour coverage and second medical opinion.

The advantage of SAVA ZDRAVO package of voluntary health insurance, compared to the existing offers in the insurance market, is that, in addition to the basic and additional insurance coverage types, it may also include the following: second medical opinion, coverage in case of tumours, post-covid coverage and expansion of coverage for physical check-up.

The voluntary health insurance may be contracted as individual and collective insurance. The insurance is available to all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, regardless of their age, as well as to foreign citizens temporarily working in Serbia.

Based on the needs of our potential clients, we have created three SAVA ZDRAVO packages of voluntary health insurance with the potential of expanding and increasing the agreed sum insured:

  • Sava Basic – includes outpatient treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 1000
  • Sava Standard – includes outpatient and hospital treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 2000
  • Sava Pro – includes outpatient and hospital treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 3000.

By purchasing a voluntary health insurance policy, our potential clients are provided with numerous advantages:

  • availability of Sava medical call centre 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • no waiting for medical examinations
  • modern methods and comfortable treatment conditions
  • possibility of visiting the medical specialist outside working hours
  • additional benefits for users of voluntary health insurance

The companies that opt for the Collective voluntary health insurance policy have the following benefits:

  • freedom to create a special voluntary health insurance package that corresponds to the employer’s capacity, business requirements and needs of its employees
  • tax relief for voluntary health insurance premium
  • less absenteeism due to sick leaves and faster return to work
  • a positive influence on company’s image due to care for employees’ health

More details on SAVA ZDRAVO packages:

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