Sberbank supports 65th NIN Award

Sberbank Serbia is the new partner of the NIN award for the best novel in 2018. On that occasion, on the days when the literature was at the center of attention, Sunday Editor of the weekly NIN Milan Ćulibrk, President of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia Marijana Vasilescu and member of the Executive Board Vladimir Pajović, and they signed the agreement on the upcoming cooperation.

Sberbank Serbia recognized the value of this prestigious literary award with a tradition of over 60 years of age and with great satisfaction once again demonstrated its commitment to improving culture in Serbia.

“I am very proud to have found ourselves in a chosen society as one of the sponsors of the most prestigious literary award in Serbia. NIN’s award with its tradition, reputation and quality represents an excellent incentive for new and great achievements in our literature. Sberbank Serbia continuously invests in projects of socially responsible business, which is why we are very pleased that through this cooperation we will continue with our mission and support the development and progress of Serbian literature. “- said Marijana Vasilescu, President of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia

“It is my great pleasure that the significance of this prize has been recognized by Sberbank Srbija, which this year joined the sponsor’s pulse, thanks to which we will celebrate six and a half decades of the existence of this prestigious award in a few months. Art could not have been without patches before, and to our happiness, there are still socially responsible companies that understand the importance of culture. Without this, NIN’s rewards would probably no longer exist. That is why, in the name of the editorial staff of the oldest weekly in the Balkans and on behalf of all the candidates for this year’s NIN Award, I thank you for recognizing the importance and helping us to keep this fire still bothering on the Serbian literary scene. Also, I can not, without noticing that it has certain symbols and that the contract with Sberbank Serbia is being signed today, during the Book Fair, “said the editor-in-chief of weekly NIN Milan Ćulibrk.

The NIN Award for Best Literary Novel was established in 1954. Over the years, she has been awarded to writers from all over former Yugoslavia. The first winner of this prestigious award was Dobrica Cosic for the novel “Roots”. Her triple laureate was Oscar Davičo, while the double winners were Dobrica Ćosić, Živojin Pavlović and Dragan Velikić.

In January 2019, the NIN award will be awarded for the 65th time.

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