Schneider Electric Granted a Donation to The Nikola Tesla Museum

Schneider Electric granted the donation to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, on the occasion of 160 years since the birth of this great scientist. The donation includes a model of the power system created in a three-dimensional mapping technology and also incorporated the latest Schneider Electric equipment for air conditioning and maintenance of humidity, which will allow the 160,000 documents and Tesla’s personal effects to be kept in optimal conditions in the Museum archive storage at a temperature of 20°C and the humidity of 50%.

Schneider Electric maketa energetskog sistema Schneider Electric koktel u Muzeju Nikole Tesle

The project was implemented with companies Elektrovat and Enel PS. “We learnt that there was a historical connection between the company and the Tesla company which gave the today’s Schneider Electric. In the archive of the Museum there were letters from 1892, when Schneider signed a contract with Tesla‘s Company, protecting his patents in the field of production, transmission and use of alternating current in France.” said Dejan Marković, CEO of Schneider Electric Serbia and Montenegro.

Predstavljanje makete energetskog sistema

Dejan Markovic_generalni direktor Schneider Electrica


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