Schneider Electric held online press conference and presented business targets

At an online press conference, Schneider Electric Serbia and Schneider Electric Development Center presented the Company’s business activities, its current targets and plans for another challenging year.

Schneider Electric Serbia and Montenegro Director Ksenija Karić and Schneider Electric Development Center Novi Sad Head Dragoljub Damljanović have addressed media representatives from their new offices which, owing to state-of-the-art solutions, are offering optimum working conditions to their employees and also point at the direction of future growth of the Company and its Development Center.

At the conference, they reiterated that Schneider Electric, together with local partners and renowned companies, has been contributing to the local economy and entrepreneurship for years now, and creates several thousand jobs through the requirements of its own business activities and partnerships. The implementation of new technologies and latest solutions in automation and energy management enables local companies to do business based on the same principles and achieve equal success as those in the most developed world countries.

Ksenija Karić talked about major projects the Company realized in the previous year, and highlighted the implementation of IoT solutions in hospitals.

Ksenija Karić, Schneider Electric Serbia and Montenegro Director

“We have realized numerous important projects and the healthcare sector was in the focus of our attention. Due to new reality and the pandemic, we have all become aware that any kind of interruption, or halt in power supply in hospitals might cost us human lives. The implementation of IoT solutions in hospitals is of major importance, and, having in mind that the reliability of power supplies in hospital facilities is a necessity, our company has developed a comprehensive solution for hospitals to provide consistent power supply for hospital equipment,” Karić explained.

In addition, according to her, in the upcoming period, the Company will focus on sustainability, as well as automation and digitalization, in order to reach the full potential of the 4.0 industry.

“We have reduced CO2 emission in the last 15 years by 120 million tonnes, and, for cca 30 million people across the globe, we have provided access to energy. Our company plays pivotal role in the 4th industrial revolution, the industry of the future. In cooperation with customers and partners, Schneider Electric possesses technology, expertise and ambitions for the construction of an efficient, elastic, sustainable world, which focuses on people and communities. We are investing efforts to provide our clients with solutions which, in addition to cost-efficiency, will also improve their business activities. Such solutions are based on the so-called predictive maintenance and enable clients to predict possible interruption, and act preemptively,” Ksenija Karić said, and added that Schneider Electric has been selected the most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights, which serves as an professional, external confirmation of long-term dedication of Schneider to environmental protection-, society- as well as corporate governance-related issues. (ESG).

Schneider Electric plays pivotal role in the 4th industrial revolution, the industry of the future; in cooperation with customers and partners, Schneider Electric possesses technology, expertise and ambitions for the construction of an efficient, elastic, sustainable world, which focuses on people and communities

She has also mentioned the cooperation between Schneider Electric and faculties of technical sciences, and reminded that the Company, with different professional development programs and scholarships, traditionally offers support to young talented people and also took an opportunity to announce a competition for students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering scheduled to take place in May this year.

The new Director of Schneider Electric Development Center in Serbia, Dragoljub Damljanović has underlined the uniqueness of the Development Center, which has cooperated with over 900 energy and computing experts at universities, electric power companies, electricity producers and IT integrators across the globe for years. The Development Center is a proof that our country has numerous highly skilled professionals in the IT industry and that it participates in global solutions and creates global markets in this field. The expansion to Belgrade offices depicts constant development of the Center, always ready to embrace new experts.

Dragoljub Damljanović, Schneider Electric Development Center Novi Sad Head

With the leading product, Advance Distribution Management System (ADMS) software, Schneider Electric offers up-to-date solution in the world, which enables electric energy distribution system management. This software is in use in more than 80 electric power companies across the globe and 170 control centers, with 400 million electricity consumers in total.

“It is a pleasure to contribute to further development of the Development Center, with maintenance of the leading position of our software solutions worldwide, as well as accelerated pace of sales as our top priority. This year, we will focus to be selected for projects on all continents, provide transformation of skills and know-how, continue to set trends in this industry, and improve possibilities for career development of our staff and their working conditions,” said Dragoljub Damljanović, who also discussed the constant urge of the Development Center to encourage and motivate young people with its know-how and opportunities.

Development Center is engaged on projects on all continents, transformation of skills and know-how, keeping pace with state-of-the-art principles in the industry, as well as constant professional advancement, offering career opportunities to its staff and improved working conditions

Schneider Electric strategically directs its behavior and business activities to sustainability and the reduction of the negative impact of global heating.

Damljanović has underlined that the Company’s business activities rely on the decision for Schneider Electric to operate as a carbon-neutral company by 2020, to stop CO2 emission by 2030, and reach a net-zero supply chain by 2050. “Together with these trends, we also develop digitalization which, together with sustainability, has become a standard for numerous companies. That is why many companies have opted for Schneider Electric solutions, which might greatly help them in the fulfillment of their business targets, not forgetting sustainable activities and reduced CO2 emission,” he said.

Schneider Electric’s representatives have also discussed the Company’s initiatives to provide support to students of technical faculties, as well as those within the Company, aim to encourage employees and contribute to their further professional development.

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