Schneider Electric recorded successful 2021, here is what a focus will be on in 2022, when the company celebrates 20th anniversary of operations in Serbia

Schneider Electric has ambitious plans for the coming period – further facilitation of the local economy by expanding its partner network

With the development of the most advanced power system management solution in the world, Schneider Electric Hub announces new businesses; renovation of the Novkabel building, as the first carbon-neutral building in Serbia owing to the implementation of Schneider’s solutions, is expected to be completed by the end of the year; the company plans to relocate to these new premises next spring; investment in CSR operations, with strong commitment to both the community and employees

Ksenija Karić, Schneider Electric Serbia and Montenegro General Manager (Photo: Schneider Electric)

Schneider Electric presented results recorded in 2021 and announced ambitious plans for 2022, the milestone year – when the company celebrates its 20th anniversary in Serbia.

Ksenija Karić, Schneider Electric Serbia and Montenegro General Manager, underlined that, since the launch of its operations in the local market, the company contributed to the local economy and entrepreneurship via a wide network of partners, while supporting several thousand jobs by meeting needs of its and partners’ operations. “Today, we gather more than 100 local businesses, and we are proud of the fact that we expanded our network of licenced partners with another two renowned companies – MINS and PEEM synergy last year. They are recognised as having all the required capacities for assuming part of production and product placement. All the equipment produced by a licenced partner undergoes a quality control procedure by Schneider Electric,” she explained.

Karić noted that the company is focused on software, primarily solutions contributing to energy efficiency in buildings and for industrial application. Their main goal is to increase profitability, reduce risk and enhance sustainability. She added that last year was successful for Schneider, with the need to respond to growing market demand resulting in increasing the Belgrade sales team.

Dragoljub Damljanović, Schneider Electric Hub Novi Sad Director (Photo: Schneider Electric)

Dragoljub Damljanović, Schneider Electric Hub Novi Sad Director, pointed out the uniqueness of Schneider Hub, where more than 90 experts work on ADMS, the most advanced solution for power distribution in the world, and announced three new businesses to be developed in Novi Sad.  “In addition to AMDS and AGMS software we develop in Serbia, the next logical step is development of three new businesses here: GIS Geographic informatics system, representing the basic software necessary for successful grid management, and Microgrid, as a part of the power system including power production, consumption and storage systems. It is also important to note that, as digitalisation is advancing, HUB will work on developing systems storing data about all the information submitted by smart metres, which is very useful and important for our clients. Development of these businesses is a clear indicator that Schneider Electric aims and plans to invest in the market of Serbia,” he said.

Commenting on the renovation of the Novkabel building, as the first carbon-neutral building in Serbia, Damljanović stressed out that Schneider’s latest solutions, setting high sustainability and maximum energy efficiency standards, would be applied in the process of reconstruction. “We expect the reconstruction to be completed by the end of the year, so we are to move in there in the spring of 2023. This building will represent all the main ideas followed by Schneider Electric – a modern, green and sustainable environment, enabling comfortable work and efficient collaboration of teams,” he added.

According to him, a new benefit program for both entities was presented to employees, including a specifically allocated budget for personal development, where employees independently define trainings, conferences and courses they aim to focus on, and a flexible benefit package, with employees selecting benefits they want. There is also an option of converting award points into days off, and Hub Novi Sad introduces the Summer Recharge program, including reduction of working hours to 4 hours every Friday during summer months.

(Photo: Schneider Electric)

Schneider Electric representatives also presented numerous CSR activities executed by the company last year, with a special focus on the scholarship and mentorship program for the best students of technical faculties. So far, more than 700 students have participated in the scholarship program, and that fact than 300 former scholarship beneficiaries are employed in Hub confirms the relevance of this program. Collaboration with technical faculties also includes a student competition, as well as numerous education courses and donations in equipment executed last year. A specific focus is on educating youth via the “Centre for Young Talents” Foundation, which organises free training in math and IT for primary and secondary school pupils. More than 2,000 classes have been realised so far, with nearly 4,000 attendees. In the school year of 2020/21, the courses were attended by around 1,000 pupils. Schneider has made significant contribution to the response to the pandemic by donating equipment and funds, mainly in collaboration with UNICEF. Together with this organisation, Schneider Electric Hub launched the “Right to Know” program, focused on creating better conditions for children’s growth and development – from kindergartens and schools, to hospitals and birth centres, to organisations for children with special needs and many others. With these and numerous other initiatives, Schneider Electric has largely contributed to improving life of the community, thus earning the title of the CSR Company of the Year by Serbian Association of Managers (SAM).

According to Karić and Damljanović, the company will continue to maintain good relations with the community, as well as to support the local economy by expanding its partner network and introducing new software designed by Schneider Electric Hub programmers. Ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world by Corporate Knights, the company will continue to invest in and develop green solutions and strategically direct its operations towards sustainability and mitigation of negative consequences related to global warming.

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