Schneider Electric Serbia enters 2017 with success in 2016

Schneider Electric Serbia, ended 2016 satisfied with the results achieved and announced this year which marks the 15th anniversary of business in Serbia.

Dejan Marković, generalni direktor SchneiderElectric-a Dejan Markovic

The company has over the last year participated in the implementation of reconstruction projects for own consumption Đerdap hydroelectric power plant, the completion of a business complex GTC 4, expanding the capacity of the factory Cooper Tyres, Hutchinson factory in Ruma, building Airport City, retail Shoppy Park in Borča, followed by projects in the construction of an traffic infrastructure and the beginning of construction of highway Bar – Boljare in Montenegro. Also completed is the new Société Générale buildings with the first electric car charger. “For us it is very important that the municipalities and cities in Serbia were very active and proposed or started with the implementation of a large number of projects in the fields of infrastructure, energy and tourism, which for us meant a greater volume of activity and support in the realisation of these projects “, said Dejan Marković, CEO of Schneider Electric in Serbia.

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