Seminar “NorDig – Nordic Experiences in the Field of Digitalization”

The Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden together with the Nordic Business Alliance in Serbia organized the seminar “NorDig – Nordic Experiences in the Field of Digitalization“, held at the Yugoslav Cinema. The seminar was aimed at continuing public-private dialogue between Nordic companies and institutions and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as presenting Nordic experiences in the field of digitization and innovation. The discussion with representatives of state institutions and local organizations was focused on defining the conclusions on how to promote joint efforts in the area of ​​digitization of public administration in Serbia.

Speaking to participants in the seminar, Swedish Ambassador Jan Lundin pointed out that today in the Nordic countries, digitalization is pervading the reform processes in all areas, from health care to the tax system. “The Nordic region is one of the most significant in the world, just for the benefit of the citizens. The Government of the Republic of Serbia, led by Prime Minister Anne Brnabić, put the digitization of public administration at the top of the priorities, which we welcome and actively support. The aim of this conference is to find a new space for cooperation in this field, in addition to projects already taking place, for example, digitization of the cadastre. Reforms in the field of digitization will bring numerous benefits to the citizens of Serbia and create preconditions for a higher standard of living, as well as greater transparency and, therefore, greater confidence in society, “said Ambassador Jan Lundin.

Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić said that without digitization, no economy, no company, and even no individual can develop its full potential today. Citing everything that was done in the process of digitization within the framework of the public administration reform in Serbia, the minister announced a public debate on the Population Register, which will give all citizens data in one place, in electronic form.

“The bases are the basis for the introduction of new technologies,” Ruzic said, adding that the Ministry is helping municipalities and cities through various funds for the development of eGovernment, as it says “the only developed municipality can attract new investments and contribute to raising the living standards of citizens.”
Minister Ruzic thanked for the opportunity to speak to the leaders of the leading countries in the field of digitization and called for a closer cooperation in the future.

The working part of the seminar was in the form of presentations of Nordic experts, as well as panel discussions involving foreign and domestic experts, as well as representatives of state institutions and organizations from Serbia.

The seminar was held under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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