Serbia needs about 14 billion euros for the implementation of environmental regulations

Serbia will need around 14 billion euros for implementation of environmental regulations in the next 20 years, and the largest part of these funds refers to the water sector, industrial pollution and large fireboxes, said Vice President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Zoran Vujović.

That is why the capacity of the economy needs to be strengthened and it should be strengthened more in the drafting of laws, added Vujović at the conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Global Compact in Serbia, organised by the UN Global Compact in Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Cabinet of Ministers without the portfolio in charge of demography and population policy and permanent UN coordinator in Serbia. The Serbian government considers that the work on the implementation of sustainable development goals is a faster step towards the European path and the faster opening of new chapters, said Minister without Portfolio Slavica Đukić Dejanović, who headed the working group for the implementation of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030.

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