Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić talked in Atlanta with US technology company NCR management, which expands its operation in Serbia

Prime Minister Brnabić, who was in an official visit to the United States of America, met with representatives of NCR management. This company has been operating successfully in Serbia since 2011, as an employer that has constantly been increasing the workforce, offering a diverse portfolio of technological services for clients worldwide from Serbia. One of the hosts of the meeting in Atlanta has been Marija Živanović-Smith, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Marketing, Communications and External Public Relations in NCR, who has actually brought NCR to Serbia.


At the meeting with NCR management, Serbian PM has noted that it is important for her that NCR is satisfied in Serbia, that it always has new investment plans and new technologies and that it is willing to cooperate with educational institutions, the latter being of utmost relevance for Serbian institutions as the government’s policy is focused on transforming the economy towards knowledge and innovation.

They (NCR) are satisfied in Serbia, with plans for expansion, and today we have agreed to start working on a campus in April. It will be NCR’s regional hub located in Belgrade – 30,000 square metres and an investment of around 90 million US dollars,” said the PM to the press in Atlanta.


Stefan Lazarević, NCR GM for Serbia, said that, when NCR came to our country, the main idea was to provide the basic form of technical support from Serbia and employ 300 to 600 people. Owing to the talented workforce, fluent in more than 20 foreign languages and having diverse IT skills and technical know-how, NCR employs 3,100 people in Serbia today, with a plan to reach 3,600 by the end of this year, and probably 4,200 after the campus has been developed, said he.

When we look at NCR in Serbia today, it is much different than it was when we launched business operation in Serbia, primarily bearing in mind that today, in addition to providing technical support, we also work on developing solutions for technical support, their implementation and innovation, with good examples being robotics and process automation, which have significantly improved the form of providing support to our clients,” said Lazarević.

As NCR’s clients span from California to the far east of Russia, the company has decided to develop a campus that is expected to be completed by early 2021, with all the employees working there.

Furthermore, we perceive the campus as a platform for cooperation with the start-up community, academic community and everyone engaged in innovative areas, so that we can together create an eco-system in Belgrade, where our people can be involved in global economic processes,” said Lazarević.


Opening of the campus will provide significant contribution to the continued recruitment of a large number of people, as well as a growing number of business people from abroad who come and will come to Serbia to cooperate with NCR. The campus will be located at an exceptionally attractive and well-connected location, and NCR management in Serbia wishes all the employees to feel comfortable at the premises, which will, in addition to providing good working conditions, serve as a hub for exchanging ideas and socialising,” said Marija Živanović-Smith, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Marketing, Communications and External Public Relations.

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