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In order to further develop the product range and the ability to help combat the COVID-19 virus, and in addition to making all its production capacities available to the needs of the citizens and the state of the Republic of Serbia,  the SIGMA KULA company has also developed a unique innovative solution for disinfection in hospital conditions.

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which, in addition to direct contact with the respiratory droplets of an infected person, can be transmitted by touching surfaces contaminated with the virus, has resulted in extremely high demand for disinfectants, especially for use in hospitals where the possibility of infection is higher and where regular cleaning and disinfection are especially important as a precaution to reduce the risk of infection.

The overall situation in some countries has led to growing prices, but also to a slowdown and even a collapse of supply chains, where some countries have even introduced a ban on the export of disinfectants. Localized sustainable production is becoming an important capital in building resistance to COVID-19 and other similar health threats.

SIGMA KULA  as a company that has been constantly directing all its efforts towards implementing new and innovative projects since its inception, has come up with a solution that will enable health clinics to produce disinfectants for their own needs.

Guided by the idea that innovation should always come first, SIGMA KULA d.o.o. has implemented the existing technology, which had so far been used only in water supply systems, in the right way in health care. Namely, in line with the WHO and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control recommendations, disinfection based on the biocidal agent sodium-hypochlorite is effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Our equipment is precisely designed for the production of a disinfectant solution based on sodium-hypochlorite (biocidal agent) in 5 (five) different concentrations in situ (at the place of consumption) for the disinfection of space, surfaces and hands in regular and emergency situations. These 5 (five) basic capacities (50 g/h, 125 g/h, 250 g/h, 500 g/h and 1000 g/h of active substance) are modular and can be combined and expanded indefinitely.

This system is mobile and multi-purpose, which makes it an ideal long-term solution for both temporary health care institutions and those in smaller communities.

By applying this technology, health care facilities would be able to produce their own disinfectant in the required quantities and concentrations while saving a huge amounts of money.

The prototype of the facility for the production of all the aforementioned concentrations of disinfectants, which is based on the device with a capacity of 125 g/h of the undiluted active substance, was in the final phase of manufacture in early June and will become operative in mid-June this year.

In addition to producing disinfectant, this equipment can be used to monitor the phytosanitary cleanliness of water and disinfect water in the hospital water supply system. For these purposes, the equipment has been used in the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina since 2010.

Thanks to this project, SIGMA KULA d.o.o. was a finalist of the Challenge Call for Corporate and Social Response to COVID-19 Health and Healthcare Crisis organized by UNDP and the World Health Organization.

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