Silver By Shimon Mansura

On Saturday, July 7 at 9PM at SKC Garden there will be a spectacle! Visual spectacle “Silver” by Silver Dance Company, Israel, will take place in Belgrade. This is a show that combines modern hit-bit dance with classic and modern techniques, thus taking the viewer to a world of imagination and endless possibilities, with wonderful results.

Every ordinary object in our lives, whether invented for industrial or personal purposes, can be used in a completely different way. That is the work of the dancer – to learn how to see from a different perspective, and to take his creativity and creation to unique places, surprising not only the viewers but also himself as an artist.

The everyday search for creation, for something new and surprising, can teach us not only about ourselves but also about our relationships with others. We are unified by the long hours working together at the studio for a common purpose: the search for unlimited potential, of matter, space, the dancer’s movement, the images of silence, the flow and pause of the dance, all of which creates a being within a being inside the artist, which watches and understands from a variety of angles and shapes.

This specific show combines the work of the dancers with the idea of giving life to inanimate objects using different materials, thus reaching a wide range of expressional levels. Just as the dancer controls his body in extreme situations, the different materials appear as integral parts of the dancer’s body, or as separate parts. It is a long and profound work, with an unknown ending and results. This is a funny and humor-filled show for the whole family, one which tries to reach out to the viewers and share the experience with them.

The materials used in the show are industrial – silver tubes, varied hats, tube people from Lycra fabric, sticks decorated with fabric, transparent pipes, flashing light bulbs and more. Each material reacts and is used differently, each tube person is individual because of his flexibility and facial expressions. All the accessories are the means to convey different moods and thoughts of the artist. By combining the artist with the accessory, we create the being within a being we love.

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