“Silver sign” to Jelena Bulatović

The Managing Committee of the Red Cross of Serbia has decided to grant Jelena Bulatović, executive director of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), a high award – Silver sign of selfless dedication and support during the floods of 2014 and significant results in achieving the aims and objectives of the Red Cross.


The Red Cross rarely proposed figures for this recognition, but in the case of Jelena Bulatović it made an exception due to the fact that in the short time since the beginning of the flood she offered an unreserved assistance. “Red Cross of Serbia appreciates awareness of the need to support for organisations like ours.” said Vesna Milenović, Secretary General of the Red Cross of Serbia. “It would not have been possible to achive that without the help of all members of SAM, who showed remarkable commitment to the objectives directed exclusively to the betterment of the community.” – emphasised Jelena Bulatović. Members of SAM provided 4.3 million euros in goods and money for the victims of the floods in 2014 within 5 days.

Crveni krst Jelena Bulatovic Srebrni znak


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