“Sinhro” – recent service for independent experts and freelancers

Société Générale Bank presented the latest offer for independent professionals and freelancers who receive their salaries through the agency. Package named SINHRO facilitate daily banking in the context of integrated services for natural persons and lump sum agencies.

New HO building Societe Generale

Sinhro package includes benefits that allow these entrepreneurs to hake a complete overview of both private and business accounts, as well as free transaction in their eBanking application. Through the integration of account, the users of Sinhro package save time but also money – paying duties by one bill rather than two. For this group of new clients there is also the possibility of video calls and consultations with the online banker directly from e-banking applications after hours of physical outlets.

Another trump card is an assurance that a client might fund various these needs, depending on the value and maturity of contracts with companies with whom they do business.

“Users of Sinhro package have simpler system of lending available to individuals, a difference from the usual practice is that we do not take the tax base but from real contracts that the contract workers have with their employer” said Vuk Kosovac, Executive Director of Marketing at Société Générale. He added that in this way greater availability of credit. Sinhro offer includes short-term products such as cash loans, overdraft and credit cards and long-term investments such as the leasing of vehicles and housing loans.

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