Siniša Mali: IT industry is a huge potential, accounting for 10 % of GDP

Serbian MF, Siniša Mali, participated in the meeting of the Ministers of Economy within the framework of the Berlin Process, and emphasised that digitisation was one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and that much was done in that area.

Minister Siniša Mali spoke at the panel “A common approach to the digitised Western Balkans” where he said that 10 percent of our country’s GDP is precisely IT industry, which records high growth rates from year to year. “Only this year, we have almost a billion euros of export through this industry, and especially I am happy that a large number of young people see their future in this business. It is our obligation to employ these people precisely and to give them the opportunity to realize their dreams in our country” Siniša Mali said. According to him, Serbia has become a leader in the implementation of so-called e-textbooks, and since September, we will have 2,000 classrooms that will be completely digitised, so children will acquire their education in an environment that is best for their careers in the future.

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