Sixth TeleGroup Infosec Conference in Belgrade

Sixth TeleGroup Infosec Conference has been officially opened on Thursday, 20th of September, at the White Palace in Belgrade by HRH Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević and Diana Gligorijević, Chief Marketing Officer at TeleGroup.

„Security was always the prime motivator of human beings and today the information age brings us to challenges of protection of personal data in cyber space. TeleGroup and its partner companies encouraged us to see the importance of security for global communications. We have had the pleasure to welcome many foreign guests and communicate daily with all of the Royal houses of Europe, presidents of the countries and representatives of the multinational companies. For us, it is crucial to be connected with the world. Through our Foundations work, we connect doctors, statesmen and worldwide web of globally influential people that contribute and help children, hospitals, schools and advocate on behalf of Serbian people. Our job and duty – to always support our country and our people – will become easier if our communication lines are reliable and protected from cyber-attacks. Today, information security is a foundation of our freedom! GDPR will help us to protect personal dignity and freedom to choose how our data will be used“, emphasized HRH Prince Aleksandar.

Diana Gligorijević, Chief Marketing Officer and the member of the TeleGroup Executive Board, pointed out that the number of cyber-attacks around the world has been increasing over the years and that a constant exchange of opinions and experiences is essential in order to define the best methods of prevention and protection. “TeleGroup has been organizing the Infosec Conference for several years now and today we have the pleasure that all the key players in our country and in the region will be able to exchange experience from their countries and also to compare them with what the countries of the European Union and even in the United States do. Today’s topics such as GDPR, the digital transformation of economies in the region, the protection of critical infrastructure in energy and many others are not just topics for today and for our gathering, but for us to become missionaries of these issues and to spread these words through all the pores of our society,” said Diana Gligorijević and TeleGroup Infosec Conference officially started.

In collaboration with leading partners such as F5, Trend Micro, Check Point and Entrust Datacard, at this year’s sixth Infosec Conference in Serbia, TeleGroup presented methods to reduce security risks and retain business reputation.

Some of the guest speakers at the 6th TeleGroup Infosec Conference were Dalibor Ratković, IT Security Director at TeleGroup, Sava Savić, Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanović, Director of Information Technology and Electronic Administration within the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration, Miodrag Vojinović, Chief Technical Officer of Telekom Srpske, Milan Simić, Director for IT Support and ICT Services of Telekom Srbija, H.E. Mr. Kyle Scott, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mrs. Alona Fisher-Kam, Ambassador of Israel in Serbia, Andreja Mladenović, Deputy Mayor of the City of Belgrade, Branko Terzić, Managing Director of Berkeley Research Group, Dragi Ralić, Director of ICT Center within EPS Distribution and many others.

TeleGroup Infosec Conference was launched with an aim to raise the level of IT security of the Western Balkans and has become one of the most important IT Security events in this region. As an IT company dealing with security technologies, we wanted to support the efforts of regional IT associations to draw attention to state structures and the general public about information security as the most important resource of each state, as well as to the existence of increasingly sophisticated threats in cyber space that could jeopardize the stability of the regional economy and societies. In that regard, it is necessary to introduce systematic mechanisms for protection against cybercrime, which is a common responsibility of state structures and economy, where IT companies are expected to provide quality solutions.

Through cooperation with the global leaders in Network, Data, Application and Cloud Security, TeleGroup launched its first conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011, and in Serbia in 2013.

This year, for the first time, TeleGroup has organized the first regional Infosec Conference under the auspices of HRH Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia Foundation for Education and culture.

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