Slobodan Trkulja i Balkanopolis on November 24th at the Sava Center

Musician and innovator of ancient sound traditions, maestral artist Slobodan Trkulja & Balkanopolis presented for the first time in the Sava Center with the Belgrade Philharmonic in 2004. In 2007, a spectacular concert followed by the famous Dutch Metropol Orchestra. This concert was the turning point of Trkuljina World Career. It was remembered because this performance 11 years ago moved musical boundaries creating “MODERN TRADITION OF BALKANS” – a new sound and genre for which they are recognizable, both in Slovenia and throughout the world. After this concert, successes were made by themselves, through world awards and recognitions, to cooperation with the famous world symphonic and jazz orchestras; duets with Mariz, Dalaras, Olet Adams, Josipa Lisac and TV appearances in front of a million auditors.

From the very beginning, in 1997, Trkulja & Balkanopolis created unique music based on rock and orchestral music, the traditional sound of Serbia and the Balkans and the Orthodox chanting, which began a new wave of music in this region. Balkanopolis as the best-kept music secret of the Balkans, soon began to discover its musical magic throughout the world. They are one of the most creative music artists who combine bags with guitar effects and vocal pedals, kavala and rock guitars, drums and drums – covered with powerful orchestral sound, from epic to lyric. They have held numerous concerts around the world, have won the hearts of the audience with modern Serbian sound and Trkuljin’s gentle, yet powerful voice in arenas and theaters across Europe and the Far East. Some of the most memorable concerts are certainly performed in Shanghai, China, where over 30,000 people performed during the 2010 ECHO, and set an official record of this event, British TV shows for BBC television, and a live performance of more than 100 million viewers all over the world world during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Balkanopolis performances in the meantime became a real pop-rock spectacle with strong elements of the symphony and epic sound of these spaces, which also reflected on the image of the band itself. Eccentric haircuts and modern costumes from Tolki’s fairy tales have become a recognizable part of their energetic performances, just as Trkulja’s maestral performance on over 15 instruments.

The singer and composer Slobodan Trkulja returns to the Sava Center for the fifth time with Balkanopolis, his favorite concert hall. Before the concert, which rounded up the world jubilee tour, he stated: “At last year’s concert in the Sava Center, in front of the healthiest and most energetic audience in the world, I promised that our energetic socializing will become a beautiful tradition. As a man who keeps his word, Balkanopolis will also hold a concert this year in Belgrade on November 24th. And this concert will be special and different, because as always we are preparing new sound surprises. We take energy to the next level and I promise all the unforgettable spectacle in the Sava Center. ”

Tickets for this spectacular concert can be bought at the cashier of the Eventim and Sava Center at a price of 1,200 to 2,300 dinars, as well as online at

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