Slovenian Business Club Assembly meets

On October 29, 2020, the Slovenian Business Club (SBC) held a regular Assembly session at the In Hotel

The assembly session was opened by the president of the club, Danijela Fišakov, who welcomed everyone. In her address, she said that 2019 was an important year in the work done by the Slovenian Business Club, during which the club increased its membership and the number of organized events, which were attended by quite a few people.

Ms Fišakov also submitted an operational and a financial report for 2019. The president expressed her gratitude to all SBC members, especially the club’s friends, for their contribution to the work that the club did in the previous year. In her speech, she also talked about the situation in 2020, praised the solidarity among members which became evident from the onset of the crisis, briefly reminded of the club’s activities in 2020 regarding live and online events and the significant role that the club and its members played in proposing assistance measures for businesses. Wishing that next year will be better than the current forecast, the SBC president wished everyone health and success in business.

The event was organized with full adherence to all epidemiological measures prescribed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

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