Smart City solutions from Finland

Smart City solutions from Finland It is estimated that, on a global level, smart city solutions applied in 75 largest smart cities will generate more than 5 billion dollars for public administration in the following 5 years, while savings for businesses should reach 14 billion, along with 27 billion in savings for citizens – it was stated at today’s international seminar “Smart Cities – Finnish experiences“ held at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland.

“Finland is one of the leading European countries in terms of smart city development, while Helsinki ranks among the top 5 most advanced cities globally by its administration’s commitment to smart city solutions. Helsinki pursues ambitious goals of becoming the most functional city in the world and reaching carbon neutrality by 2035, and smart city solutions should contribute to these goals,” said the Ambassador of Finland to Serbia H.E. Pertti Ikonen.

The seminar Smart City solutions from Finland organised by the Embassy of Finland and NALED presented the experiences of Finnish smart cities that strive to create a sustainable and environment-friendly infrastructure and solutions that would best respond to the needs of citizens.

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