Sombor sees its opportunity in Stapar rugs production

NALED will work with local governments on specific support programmes for women engaged in small business, tourism, agriculture and old crafts. World Bank data show that only 54% of women in Serbia are part of the labour force compared to 70% of men and that because of such inequalities, our country has lost 16% of potential revenue – says board member of NALED and the Mayor of Sombor Dušanka Golubović.


– City of Sombor sees its chance to make the employment of women in the promotion of tourism and preservation of cultural heritage. Thanks to the cooperation with NALED and the Association of Ethno network, we have established a partnership with the city of Pirot, and in only two years revitalised making of Stapar carpets and included this traditional handicraft to the list of intangible cultural heritage of Serbia and included in into the protocol of the provincial and national government and the National Assembly as a diplomatic gift. Through weaving colonies develop organising skills of unemployed women to produce handicrafts in order to obtain revenue for themselves and their families. Indigenous products can be a generator of new tourist facilities, and the European Union production of traditional products is the second largest incomes of agricultural holdings. During his visit to Serbia in March this year, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have expressed a desire to make an immediate purchase of unique Stapar carpet with floral motifs – says Dušanka Golubović.

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