SPK Working Meeting with FM Dačić

A working meeting was held, organized by the Slovenian Business Club, at the IN Hotel on the topic “Political and Economic Cooperation of Serbia and Slovenia and the situation in the region.” The main guest of the working meeting was the first Deputy PM and FM Ivica Dačić.

Ambassador of Slovenia to Serbia, H.E. Vladimir Gasparič greeted the guest and present and said: “We never did better. The Serbs have begun to invest in our country, that’s good. You invest in banks, hotels, even airports and marinas. These are good tendencies.” He also mentioned that most numerous tourists in Slovenian thermal baths are from Serbia. Mr. Dačić pointed out that it is crucial for Serbia to preserve regional stability and intensify cooperation in all areas, saying that only such a region enables the sustainable development of Serbia itself. “Relations between Serbia and Slovenia have reached a level that can serve as an example of successful good neighborly cooperation, which is not a common case in a region where some relics continue to revive the past” he said.

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