7th Istanbul Shopping Fest (İSF), started with a magnificent ceremony where the mehter team and more than 50 actors and dancers performed in the world’s first shopping center, the Grand Bazaar. During the festival (between July 1-16), shoppers will have a different experience with this year’s brand new concept ‘Design ISF’.

Istanbul Shopping Fest which has been organized for 7 years and has been set out to make Istanbul, a center of attraction as a shopping destination, is opening doors to a new journey. During the festival, “Design ISF” areas will be set up at 9 shopping malls. Also, the Grand Bazaar will bring modern and traditional shopping experience together.

Istanbul ShoppingFest has started with a magnificent ceremony held at the Grand Bazaar, which is the world’s first shopping center. At the Nuruosmaniye Gate, the cortege, which started at the mehter team, was the scene of colorful images. Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş and İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) Chairman İbrahim Çağlar also participated in the ceremony, more than 50 actors and dancers made historical performances with periodic outfits. At the 556-year-old Grand Bazaar, the three-meter-long wooden legs wearing historic clothing attracted great attention. The opening ceremony was followed by more than 40 press members from 13 countries including France, Italy, Russia, China and Singapore. During the Istanbul Shopping Fest, the festival spirit will be experienced in the Grand Bazaar with a brand-new concept.Tourists and the local people of Istanbul are all invited to the festival with the slogan of “Did you ever see the Grand Bazaar?”.
During the Istanbul Shopping Fest, the last representatives of disappearing handicrafts will meet with the young artisans, the unknown streets of Grand Bazaar will be discovered again, and famous artists will be telling their feelings about the Grand Bazaar to the visitors with their unique exhibition.

In addition to the events at Grand Bazaar, the “Design ISF” areas will be set in nine shopping centers from all over the city; Akasya, Capitol, Emaar Square Mall, Forum İstanbul, İstinye Park, Kanyon, Palladium, Venezia and Zorlu Center. These areas will meet visitors with shopping opportunities as well as design and art. Design ISF areas will include the products from the famous manufacturers of jewelry, accessories, furniture, ceramics, graphic, fabric, books, stationery, glass, jewelry, lighting and from the famous designers of the fashion world; Bahar Korçan, Arzu Kaprol and Gamze Saraçoğlu.

Exhibitions of artists such as Günseli Kato, Malik Bulut, Yilmaz Kale, Ebru Yücel Kale, Design Foundation, Elif Tutka, Ömer Atakan, Yusuf Aygeç, Aynur Önürmen and Rüstem Ekici will take place in the shopping centers of the Festival.

Uninvited Jazz Band, Tango Rojo, Can Türkkan, Arbil Çelen, Jülide Hatay, Deniz Güngörand Ali Deniz Kardelen will perform dance and music performances in Design İSF areas. Additionally Rudolf Van Nunen, Garip Ay, Sare Palaska, Aslı Bilgin, Nilay Yılmaz, Sevil Dolmacı, Tolga Gümüşay, Çiğdem Gündeş, Funda Özlem Şeran and Masalcı Anne will be waiting the visitors to share their experiences by several different activities.

Dilara Koçak, Ender Saraç, Özge Lokmanhekim, Zeynep Özçoban, Hand Akın, Yelda İpekli, Berrin Yiğit and Filiz Özkol will give visitors an unforgettable Shopping Fest experience with their seminars on different topics. Mert Rusçuklu will also lend color to the Shopping Fest through radio broadcasts in the Design ISF areas. Those who complete the “Design ISF” route will have surprise gifts during the festival, where brands will increase the shopping excitement with up to 70 percent discounts. The awards will be given at the end of the festival in the categories of Young Brand, Original Logo and Original Product in the design contest to be organized by cooperation of ISF and Trademarks Association.

The Shopping Fest, which provides shopping to the Istanbul experience, will continue until 16 July.

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