Stapar rugs exhibition for diplomats

Representatives of the finest Stapar rugs welcomed the ambassadors of Australia and Norway, diplomats from the US embassy, Israel, Great Britain and the United Nations Programme, who, in the presence of numerous local officials from provincial and republic institutions, visited the third weavers colony held from 14th to 17th September in Stapar near Sombor.

The practice of organising such colonies has been established by the towns of Pirot and Sombor within the framework of the Agreement on cooperation on the preservation of traditional carpentry with Ethno Network and local associations, with the support of NALED and the embassies of Australia and the USA. After visiting the colony, the diplomats visited the sights of Sombor and were introduced to a part of the cultural and historical offer of our greenest city. “By cooperating with Ethno Network and NALED, we support the preservation of cultural heritage and contribute to the economic and social affirmation of women and young people in the countryside” – Australian Ambassador H E Julia Fenney said.

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