STEVAN JOVIĆEVIĆ, General Manager of Tahograf BG: Digitization increases EFFICIENCY

Digitization is increasingly changing the way we work and run the business. We have talked to Stevan Jovićević, General Manager of the Tahograf BG Company, about what kind of novelties these changes bring in organizing transport.

What does a “smart tachograph” offer to carriers?

— The application of the smart tachograph will begin in the European Union on June 15th, 2019. It will be mandatory for each newly produced vehicle that is registered in an EU country for the first time to own the latest generation of tachographs, which will ensure new functions to professional drivers and carriers. The most important functions are focused on more efficient and reliable compliance with the regulations on driver’s working hours, in a way that, in real time, the driver will have reliable information about the remaining driving time, their next break, daily or weekly rest, etc. With the standardized work-time calculation software, drivers will be exempted from parallel logging and through their smartphones and free apps, they will have relevant data on their working hours, while all functions of the tachograph will be displayed in a clear and understandable way.
The tachograph will also have a vehicle monitoring module, which will provide information on the position of the vehicle in certain time periods. In this way, the carrier can better plan the efficiency of vehicle operation and increase profitability. The carrier can also receive a variety of other vehicle information via the tachograph, such as, for instance, the engine speed or oil temperature. It is clear that the new generation of tachographs will improve the driver’s work, and in return, the carrier’s operations.

How willing are the carriers in Serbia to use all the advantages of the smart tachograph in line with the Law on Working Hours and Tachographs? What’s the situation like in the region?

— International and domestic carriers, which are registered in the Republic of Serbia, at this moment do not have to use a smart tachograph. Our plan is to hold informative seminars in the coming period, where we will present the advantages of smart tachographs and new features that enable easier compliance with the mentioned law. We are confident that the practice will show that the full utilization of the new features provided by smart tachographs gives a market advantage to those carriers that decide to use it, since competitiveness, considering the current conditions in the transport sector, is a high priority. The utilization of smart tachographs in the neighbouring countries, that are EU members, officially starts on June 15th. This will also be significant for Serbian carriers that buy new vehicles after that date.

What are your plans and priorities in the coming period?

— The amendments to the Law on Working Hours and Tachographs, made in December 2018, brought about novelties for drivers and carriers alike. Together with its partners, Tahograf BG will hold 8 informative seminars covering several fields, where we will present tools that facilitate the good implementation of the aforementioned law while, at the same time, raise the competitiveness of the carrier. Our contract partners will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify the dilemmas that relate to driver’s working hours, the correct use of analogue and digital tachographs and the tools that facilitate the compliance with the relevant regulation. Our priority is to provide professional support and clear information on how to act.

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