Straight from the ‘City of Love’: Ile de France cheeses arrive to Serbia 

In the solemn ambience of the French Embassy in Serbia, members of the diplomatic corps and fans of French culture and gastronomy were given an opportunity to try a range of Ile de France cheeses imported by the Savencia Company, known in Serbia as Mlekoprodukt.

Back in 1936, Mr. Alfred Schratter had the people in the United States rejoicing for being able to enjoy in something that, up to that point, was a well-kept French secret. The luxurious Ile de France ship transported the famous brie cheese, the king of the French cheeses, to the US. Thanks to its authentic taste, this full-fat, soft cheese with white noble mould quickly won the palates of the most demanding gourmets all over the planet.

In honour of this famous and prestigious ship, we named our products Ile de France with the aim of evoking the elegant luxury of the 1930s, and the lifestyle on this legendary ship.

The French gastronomy and art of living are known all over the world.
In 2010, UNESCO included the French gastronomy in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
France is a country of “1,000 different kinds of cheese”,
and cheese is one of the pillars of its gastronomy.

The Ile de France cheeses – brie, camembert and emmental – were presented to the Belgrade audiences in a way that is very fitting to the French culture, coupled with top-quality French wines. These cheeses of authentic aroma and rich and creamy flavours are produced in France, in the factories of the Savencia Group.

On this occasion, the renowned cheese master from Paris, Roland Barthélemy, visited Belgrade. Many people credit Mr. Barthélemy with the fact that the vendors of top quality cheeses in France today enjoy the similar status as sommeliers in rest of the world.

Bartelémy started his career in 1971 when he opened a small cheese shop in the City of Love. Soon, celebrities started flocking to his shop, including the famous actress Catherine Deneuve and numerous French presidents.

Today, Roland Bartelemy travels around the world and promotes French cheese culture.

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