Successful semi-annual results of Addiko Bank

After the first six months, the result of Addiko Bank in June 2017 is positive and amounts to 8.8 million euros. “One of the main reasons for this result is the positive movement of risk costs in relation to the planned, which amounts to 7.3 million euros.

After the first half of this year our operating profit amounts to 6.4 million euros. Additionally, the fee income continues to grow, with 32% more revenue than last June, while savings on total spending in six months are more than 0.4 million more than the plan, said the chairman of the Executive Board of Addiko Bank a.d. Belgrade Ivan Radojčić. In addition to the successful half-year results they expected, the economists forecast a slight slowdown in GDP growth to 2.5 percent this year. Bearing in mind the growth of just 1.2 percent per year in the first quarter, which is less than expected, they predict a modest agricultural production and stronger imports that are directly related to strengthening investments.

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