SUMMER Mountain for all seasons

At the end of the winter season, when the snow melts and with the first days of spring, nature begins to wake up, and the Jahorina Mountain turns into an increasingly pleasant location for a long-term stay. Jahorina abounds in unspoiled nature, coniferous forests, mountain springs, wild horses, mountain trails and numerous types of herbs and berries.

In times of extreme heat, many guests find moments of leisure in the activities that Jahorina offers: walks on marked mountain trails, cycling, mountain biking, panoramic views of mountain peaks, quad rides and activities for children. The mountain is especially popular with athletes for altitude training. Jahorina is for everyone and everyone’s taste. Thanks to its abundant offer, it offers visitors leisure and relaxation for all the senses 365 days a year.

The marked mountain trails are suitable for all fans of easy mountain walks and families, while some of the trails are intended for hikers who like a more demanding terrain and mountain biking. Choose one of the trails that suit your preferences and let the Jahorina adventure begin.

‘The Love Trail’ is the shortest and simplest trail, next to which there is a new outdoor gym with a rest area, as well as a football pitch with natural grass, basketball and volleyball courts. The sports and recreational trail is the longest trail here. It goes up and down the Olympic Mountain and its length stands at 13km, from the very foot to the highest peak of Ogorjelica, at 1,916m altitude. In addition, there is also the Olympic Trail, on which you will see diverse and authentic mountain cottages and facilities, as well as the Health Trail, which passes through dense forest landscapes.

Jahorina is for everyone and everyone’s taste. Thanks to its abundant offer, it offers visitors leisure and relaxation for all the senses 365 days a year.

‘The Bicycle Descent’ trail starts from the top of the mountain, which you can reach during the summer season by a six-seater cable car Poljica while enjoying a panoramic view of the mountain. The unspoiled nature and bicycle paths of Jahorina will delight every adrenaline junkie and fan of this type of extreme sport.

There is also the possibility to explore the mountain on quads, which you can drive through forest meadows and down the Jahorina slopes. Experience Jahorina in a different way, enjoy unreal landscapes, an unforgettable sunset and don’t forget to take memorable photos!

If you want total relaxation and an escape from everyday life, take a walk through Jahorina in spring and summer and enjoy all its beauties. Add to this picking the medicinal herbs that this mountain abounds in, especially in fields of thyme, yarrow, mint and St. John’s wort. Experience an abundance of scents and a multitude of colours of wildflowers. In addition to medicinal herbs, the mountain is rich in blueberries, cranberries and wild strawberries, which ripen in early August.

If you want to relax after an activity-packed day, you can go to one of the wellness centres with swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and massage parlours.

The biggest summer attractions

Jahorina has the longest summer toboggan (a type of bobsled on rails) in the region, which is also the biggest summer attraction here. The toboggan is 2.5km long, reaches a speed of 40km/h and is one of the 10 largest toboggans in all of Europe. This Alpine rollercoaster departs from a large lake at the top of the mountain and the Olympic Bar, which is located in the most beautiful spot on Jahorina, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the mountain’s attractions. The lake has new walking paths, benches, a summer house and horse feeders.

Go on a ride on the Poljice gondola and experience Jahorina from another angle. Admire the landscape adorned with maple forests and embrace the whole mountain. Modernly designed gondola cabins have bicycle holders so you can take your bike all the way to the top of Jahorina and enjoy a downward adrenaline ride.

The X Racer provides a unique mountain driving experience. Its excellent design and uniqueness won it the German Design Award in 2017. It is intended for both children and adults, so they can experience an unforgettable ride down the marked trail in Poljice.

If you miss the snow, you can indulge in summer sledding. Tubing was created primarily for children entertainment, but adults can also enjoy it too. The trail is about 100m long. It has a plastic surface on which you put a specialized tire that you slide down on.

For adrenaline junkies

The Tower is located on the Poljice plateau. You can climb this 9-metre-tall structure by gently pulling yourself up the rope. Once you get to the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the phenomenal mountain areas.

The Loopster is also located on the Poljice plateau and gives children, teenagers and adults fun rides and quite a unique experience.

ZipLine is a new adrenaline-packed activity, located at the top of Jahorina. This 250m long zip line is stretched across the most attractive part of Jahorina and provides the mountain guests with an unreal view. The ZipLine will take you high up and all the way across a large lake.

Skydive is located near the artificial snow lake, at the top of Poljica, which is also the most attractive location on the mountain. An unusual ride over the lake provides a unique adrenaline experience, a panoramic view of the Jahorina peaks and a flight across the sky above the Olympic mountain.

Our summer offer is rounded off with the new adventure park and NauticJet and Butterfly attractions.

Jahorina creates successful athletes

Sports camps on Jahorina are ideal places for athletes preparing themselves for the upcoming competition seasons. Many famous sports teams have been coming here for years. Jahorina has an exceptional position and natural ambience for altitude training, but also a good accommodation for athletes and ideal altitude. The Jahorina Olympic Centre has an outdoor football pitch, basketball courts, a large number of hotels with swimming pools, the Wellness and Spa centre, and running, cycling and hiking trails.

Gold Medal

As part of their preparation for the World Cup that took place in June 2018, the Serbian women’s volleyball team stayed on Jahorina. This year, they won a gold medal at the World Championship in Japan and proved that hard work and a stay on the Olympic Beauty yielded top results.

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