Super Vero – 15 years with you!

Since its inception in the Serbian market since 2002, Veropoulos has shown great dedication to its loyal customers, employees and the environment, becoming a key element of the Serbian market and continually striving to be a role model in quality, perseverance and tradition. Today, 15 years later, Super Vero is more than a supermarket – it is a family, socially responsible company, active in the process of creating a stable Serbian society, with more than 2 million satisfied customers, 500 employees, 15,000 m2 of sales space and 40,000,000 euros invested.

“In the last 15 years, Veropoulos Company has continuously monitored the consumer demands and the needs of the Serbian market, successfully solving the everyday challenges, we continue to work hard to improve and contribute to every Serbian household while maintaining the highest business commitment. Without a change, our family name is a symbol of quality, services, diverse product offerings and commitment to our faithful customers” said Nikos Veropoulos, the owner and CEO of Veropoulos.

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