Sustainability as a Driver of Positive Changes in the Community

The companies Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi presented the 2022 Sustainable Business Report entitled ”Sustainability – a force that drives joint changes”. This is the 10th jubilee Report generated by Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and the third that also includes data from Bambi
Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi

In a world facing increasing environmental and social challenges, companies Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi continue to nourish employees and partners, protecting the environment along with the impact that they leave on communities, transparently communicating the achieved results.

Thanks to the implementation of innovative measures and technologies, the companies have achieved progress in key indicators. Both of them have significantly reduced water consumption: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia by an extraordinary 54% per liter of produced beverage in the last 15 years, while Bambi managed to reduce it by 48% per ton of product in ten years. The companies utilize electricity obtained from renewable sources, and energy consumption per liter of beverage produced has been reduced by 59% over 15 years in Coca-Cola HBC Serbia. A significant achievement of Bambi is that 98% of the waste generated at the factory location is treated through various forms of treatment, while Coca-Cola HBC Serbia recycles or otherwise reuses 99% of the waste generated in its factories.

 All product packaging of these two companies is recycable, meaning it can be recycled. Coca-Cola HBC Serbia implemented two new innovations on packaging last year: KeelClip cardboard lid for grouped cans, as well as attached caps, to reduce plastic consumption and enable the collection and recycling of the entire packaging.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi, Svetoslav Atanasov

”In the past decade, we have boldly embarked on the path of sustainability, making significant progress in key parameters such as water and energy conservation, and reducing CO2 emissions. However, in sustainability, we see more than that; we see the power that ‘unlocks’ the potential of our people. As individuals and as a collective, we grow on this journey, but we also support people outside our organization to grow. I am proud of our youth projects, Coke Summership and Youth Empowered, as well as the program of awarding 25 scholarships to the best students from all over Serbia. With strong partnerships, we continue on the parth of sustainability, collectively creating a world that future generations will inherit with pride”, announced Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro. He also added that the company opened a new bottling plant in the municipality of Kučevo in 2022, with an investment worth 5 million euros, creating 50 new jobs.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi, Ognjen Lazić

For Bambi, 2022 was also a successful year.

“As a leader in the confectionery industry, we are strongly committed to making a positive impact on the local community in which we operate. I would like to highlight two major investments during the previous year – the opening of the Research and Development Center, a laboratory of knowledge in which we invested 2.3 million euros, and the other significant investment, the opening of a recycling island measuring 500 m2, where it is possible to collect 30 different types of waste materials generated at our factory. Last year, we carefully monitored consumer habits and further developed our vegan portfolio, healthier options, and, for the first time, launched a gluten-free product,” said Ognjen Lazić, Marketing and Commercial Excellence Director at Bambi.

In addition to numerous projects and initiatives, in 2022 the companies invested a total amount of 340.000 euros in local communities and donated over 200,000 liters, along with 16 tons of products. Together, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi have a team of 1,763 employees who dedicated 1,500 hours to volunteering during working hours in 2022.

The success of an impressive portfolio of as many 55 brands is primarily based on the highest standards in product quality. The companies collaborate with over 38,500 customers, as well as with numerious domestic suppliers, to whom they allocate the majority of their procurement budgets: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia directs 81% of its budget to domestic suppliers, while Bambi directs 76%.

This year, the companies organized a Sustainabiliy Forum, which brought together partners to discuss sustainability. Through the unique and creative workshop ”Design Sprint”, from various sectors exchanged opinions and ideas about sustainable business practices in the next decade.  This workshop brought together representatives of companies, government institutions, media, and civil society.

The Sustainability Report, like before, is aligned with the requirements of the most widely used global methodology in the field – the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and fulfills the high demands of the United Nations Global Compact regarding the Progress Report.

You may access the full report HERE.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Bambi

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