SVETLANA STANIŠIĆ, PhD Head of Master’s Degree Department Singidunum University: ON A PAR WITH WORLD UNIVERSITIES

The studies conducted at Singidunum University are comparable to the studies available at universities around the world. “The very structure and content, enriched with the most up-to-date teaching methods and materials we use, put the study programmes conducted at Singidunum University on a par with the study programmes belonging to reputable world universities“, says Svetlana Stanišić, PhD, professor at Singidunum University.

Once we add the fact that all the teaching-learning processes take place on fully-equpped University premises meeting the highest standards, to the above mentioned, we come to conclusion that one can enjoy studies that, in any aspect, do not lag behing the studies related to corresponding fields of science ouside the borders of Serbia“.

The phenomenon of internationalisation plays an important role in the field of higher education – how do you regard it and does it find its place in the work and life of Singidunum University?

— As a mechanism the goal of which is to enable synergy within European education area, internationalisation is, undoubtedly, a vital segment in the future of higher education – and Singidunum University, as an educational institution in the sphere, holds the internationalisation process in high regard and activelly participates in it. Not only do we provide joint study programmes, with partner institutions from both the region and the world, but we also contionuously enable and support the mobility of our students and teachers. In this regard, we are especially proud of the fact that Singidunum University, with its sprectrum of English-taught study programmes, has become an institution of choice for a number of international students coming from different parts of the globe.

Labour market demands are becoming more and more challenging and versatile – what are, in your opinion, the skills and knowledge students need in order to be able to meet them and achieve success in contemporary world?

— Modern labour market, no doubt, has become extremely testing for both its participants and those who strive to become its part. In this regard, educational institutions, especially universities, illustrating a step next to the market entrance, are those that should accept the responsibility for preparing their students for all the potential challenges they might face in the future. Being fully aware of the mentioned responsibility, we have created not only study programmes that enable our students to acquire competitive knowledge and skills needed for the market, but also a rather significant portion of practical activities, the goal of which is to map the real-life business environment.

How would you define the mission of Singidunum University – what are the characteritics that make it recognisable in the higher education sphere in the country/region?

— From the very first steps that we made – we have been striving to achieve one goal – to provide the best possible environment for education for both the young coming from the country and abroad. For that very reason, without compromising at any point, students have always been the focus of our attention and work. Today, Singidunum University is a higher-education institution characterised by: high-quality teaching processes, within both English and Serbian-taught study programmes and the option to learn several world language all throughout the course of chosen studies; the experts in various fields of science, ready not only to share their experience and knowledge with their students, but also to meet all their needs and support their progress.

It has been two decades since Singidunum University took its first steps – how do they seem now in retrospect?

— We are immensly proud of the fact that we have been a part of Serbia higher education system for two decades, as a university providing English and Serbian-taught both under and postgraduate study programmes pertaining to three fields of science. When we reminisce about the years that have passed, during which we have faced numerous challenges, we can say that we have remained faithful to the very first postulates that lie in the foundation of our institution – the postulates being our responsibility towards our society in general, as well as towards our students. What makes us very proud today is the fact that there are thousands of our alumni being proud ambassadors of the University in the world of business.

How do you foresee the future of higher education in Serbia – what are Singidunum University aspirations?

— Keeping pace with the modern world demands, higher education both in Serbia and around the globe is, inevitably, changing its form and characteristics. As a player in the filed, Singidunum University will continue its walk on the path we created two decades ago and strive to develop its work, by creating new study programmes, aimed at future leaders in labour market, and expanding its newtwork of its partners from not only European but also world educational area.

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