Svilajnac – Investment Leader in Serbia

Free zone Svilajnac includes two functional, fully infrastructural and communally equipped industrial zones and currently covers an area of about 60h

The municipality of Svilajnac has an excellent geographical and traffic position, in the heart of Serbia, near the European Corridor X, and is the only municipality in the District of Pomoravlje, which established the Free Zone with fiscal, financial, customs and business benefits.

Tijana Jovanović, Director of the Free Zone Svilajnac

The Director of the Free Zone Svilajnac, Tijana Jovanović, in an interview for our magazine, told us that Free zone Svilajnac was founded in 2011 and it’s a unique industrial park intended for production activities:

“The Free zone represents the most attractive space in the central part of Serbia, which is meant for all areas of business and provides the opportunity to employ people of the various profession. I am proud that we have gathered the great world’s brands in one place, although that wasn’t easy and lasted for years. We had to create infrastructural conditions, to respond to the requirements of the modern economy, to create an attractive and reliable business environment, administration and adequate workforce.“

Many world brands have chosen the Free Zone Svilajnac as a place for investing and starting or expanding production. One of them is also Italian Ariston, how important such foreign investments are for the economic growth of one municipality?

They are very important not only for the municipality of Svilajnac but also for Serbia. This Italian company that produces heaters for the worlds largest home appliance manufacturers is certainly one of the most significant investments, not only because they are a world famous brand, but also because they recognized us as real partners. The fact that the company has expanded its original plan and now has a production hall of over 4000 m2 speaks in favor of that.

“The Free zone represents the most attractive space in the central part of Serbia”

New foreign investors are a world-famous company in the field of lighting – Swiss Regent, German companies in the field of electronics – A 2000 and HDT and the Slovenian company – Hočevar, with experience in the field of the food industry. Thanks to a company’s that has been operating in the Free zone (Vossloh-Schwabe with about 500 employees and Alpha technics with about 300 employees), as well as successful domestic companies, the economy of Svilajnac is constantly recording growth and a surplus in foreign trade.

S.H.E. Superior Heating Elements d.o.o., part of the Ariston Thermo Group

The municipality of Svilajnac has successfully implemented the concept of dual education in its secondary schools. How did you achieve this and what are the results?

We have changed educational profiles in our high schools focusing on the requirements of the economy and the interests of future students. In addition to the educational profiles that have been in the dual system for years (locksmith-welder and industrial mechanic) a new educational profile has been introduced since last year: mechatronics technician, which investors needed as staff. In this way, we have created enough skilled workforce and fulfilled all prerequisites for attracting domestic and foreign investors. It is very important that the future investor knows that we will provide support before, during but also after bringing his business to Svilajnac. On this occasion, we invite local and foreign investors to start their business in Svilajnac.

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