Symbols of Belgrade in the colors of the Polish flag in honour of the anniversary of the “Solidarity” movement

In the nights 30-31. August and August 31-1. September 2020 in Belgrade, on the occasion of marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the “Solidarity” movement, Branko’s Bridge, the Bridge on Ada, the Fountain on Slavija and the Palace “Albania” will be illuminated in the colors of the Polish flag.

August 31, 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Solidarity movement, which, after a strike that moved from the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk to factories and companies throughout the country, became the first independent and free trade union in the Soviet bloc.

Since 2005, this day has been celebrated in Poland as a national holiday – the Day of Freedom and Solidarity, which serves as a reminder of the Polish struggle for freedom and independence from 1980.

From the very beginning, the inhabitants of Serbia and Belgrade supported “Solidarity” and its spirit of freedom in the fight against communism, and the City of Belgrade confirms the strength of friendly ties between the two countries by supporting the action of illuminating the symbols of Belgrade in the colors of the Polish flag. For decades, the “Solidarity” movement has been a symbol of the beginning of the fall of communism in Europe and the struggle for human and political freedoms that were recognized in Serbia 40 years ago.

In the difficult year of the coronavirus pandemic, during which Poland once again sent a message of solidarity to Serbia with donations to the Serbian health system, the memory of the “Solidarity” movement and its values ​​seems more appropriate than ever.


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