Tatjana Jakovljević, Human Resources Director at Brose: Development of Brose company Employees and Interns

We offer modern professional development and training in Germany and the Czech Republic to the best employees and quite soon, the participation in individual development programmes for employees in specialist positions as well

The family-owned company Brose has been shaping the future of the automotive industry for over 100 years. Brose is the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. In her interview for Diplomacy&Commerce, Tatjana Jakovljević, HR Director at Brose d.o.o. Pančevo, says the company will create with attractive career prospects 1,000 high-skilled jobs in Serbia in the coming years. We talked about how the company works on the modern professional development of employees, the organization of internship programs, cooperation with technical faculties of the universities Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as achieved milestones and implemented activities.

Tatjana Jakovljević, Human Resources Director at Brose/ Promo BROSE

“The production in Pančevo will be one of the pillars for the development of the automotive industry in Serbia and a profitable exporting opportunity, but also an opportunity for many engineers and operators to find a job in a company which offers excellent working conditions and progress.

We offer modern professional development, supported from training in locations in Germany and the Czech, for the best employees and quite soon, and very soon the participation in individual development programs for employees in specialist positions and management positions as well. During the last two years, we organized professional training for our employees mostly in Germany in cooperation with our colleagues from Brose factories who shared their substantial experiences from working in a technologically advanced company. Also, through cooperation with Klett EDU, we organized professional training in mechatronics for production and maintenance employees. Our employees now have the knowledge of mechatronics and several of them will continue their training through an advanced programme for industrial mechatronics specialists.

The factory has already employed about 400 people, preparing the ground for serious work on modern systems for the automotive industry. Many production technicians and operators, production leaders, shift leaders, warehouse workers, as well as industrial and process engineers, and other profiles will find their place in Brose.

“The factory has already employed about 400 people, preparing the ground for serious work on modern systems for the automotive industry”

What the excellent Brose engineer create in our Development Center will be produced in the new factory, and those interested in working in this industry will have great opportunities to find a place in interesting positions in Electronics, Development, Testing, etc. Brose engineers are developing new products for electric and conventional vehicles to offer clients customized solutions for more safety, comfort, and efficiency.”

Our interviewee referred to the successful cooperation with technical high schools, faculties, as well as the company’s investment in the education and development of future engineers.

Our family company has excellent cooperation with local schools and the University of Belgrade, as well as the University of Novi Sad, in order to discover and promote talents at an early stage and encourage the development of joint research projects through donations of diverse laboratory equipment and cooperation with numerous students groups.  Thus, in the laboratory for digital converters and drives at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, students are enabled to easily obtain quality results when testing prototypes and their maximum improvement. Also, the members of the student group at the same faculty were provided with an increased capacity of test positions, which increased efficiency and better preparation of students for practical tasks.

“The innovation team from a Brose location in Germany collaborated with the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on an “E mobility” programme”

In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Brose experts in the field of aerodynamics and acoustics organized lectures in the field of their expertise and enabled students to enrich their theoretical knowledge with information from modern practice.

The innovation team from a Brose location in Germany collaborated with the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on an “E mobility” programme. The result of their work gave new innovative solutions and was presented at the “IAA Mobility” international exhibition last year in Munich.

We are creating new opportunities for cooperation to contribute to the development of young talents and the educational institutions in the region.”

Brose started its first internship programme last year, which was a great opportunity for young engineers from technical faculties to get their first working experience in the Pančevo plant and some of them in locations in Germany.

“In order to improve and contribute to a better future for students, Brose started the first season of its internship program in September 2021. We enabled motivated students of technical faculties to acquire additional knowledge and skills, development through practical work in a technologically modern international environment. The first program of Brose practice, lasting 6 months, is still taking place in Brose factories in Germany and Pancevo. We are one of the few companies in our market that give young students the opportunity to acquire technological and scientific knowledge through an internship with mentorship during the program and introduction to German culture and language at the same time. Of course, as the greatest value of this program, we offer the possibility of early employment to talented individuals with the best results during the internship.”


Brose also takes on CSR activities in the community. Some of such activities are related to expanding the capacity of Covid-19 testing for the population in Pančevo, the action “Plant a tree” in cooperation with the AHK and City of Belgrade, support for expanding the capacity of the Mechanical School in Pančevo, support to the Cultural Center Pančevo, etc. Wanting to get closer to the local community, Brose will regularly open the doors of its factory to interested pupils and students, as well as citizens, so they can gain insight into their modern production and get to know the Brose working world.

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