Tebodin: Counting Successes After a Decade in Serbia

In March, Tebodin will celebrate a decade of successful operations on the Serbian market. A part of Bilfinger SE, Tebodin is an engineering and consultancy company that is active in 23 countries worldwide and which has, over the last 70 years, become synonymous with quality and reliability. Tebodin has come to the fore of the local engineering and consultancy market in Serbia and the company is proud to count the largest foreign and domestic investors as its clients, in both the industrial and commercial real estate sectors.


Tebodin is able to support its clients in all project development phases: from engineering design, to procurement, project and construction management, as well as providing a wide array of technical consultancy services. the company’s local and international clients appreciate Tebodin’s adaptability to unpredictable market conditions. apart from inventiveness, what has allowed this company to prosper and cover a wide range of services successfully has been its team, which approaches each and every project – large or small – with meticulous care and open mindedness. After a decade in Serbia, Tebodin is looking forward to the years ahead.

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